SYNCOMM Launches the First Solution Globally for Multimedia Remote Controls Applied in Video Chat

Syncomm Technology, a leading fab-less semiconductor company in wireless digital audio and video streaming technology, launches the first solution globally for multimedia remote controls, such as Interactive Remote Control, Qwerty Remote Control and Touch Remote Control, applied in video chat. Theses specialized solutions for the up-to-date Internet TV as well as Set-Top Box adopt the product SYNIC IA2 based on the 2.4GHz technology and present the characteristics of low power consumption, low delay, better coexistence and two-way transmission in long distance.

This can not only accomplish that listen to music from TV and have chat at the same time, also can be applied to karaoke. Moreover, the audio source can be output into headset system and the cost fit to demand in the market. Hence, the solutions provided by SYNCOMM have been extensively adopted in electrical appliances.

As the boundary between computer and television is getting blurred, television not only transmit in single phase, but be re-identified as the carrier of communication through the internet. No matter chatting on internet, playing games, the function of communication playing the indispensable role. Thus, the traditional remote controls are insufficient for use and an intelligent controller is needed to strengthen the communication function. At present, it has been one solution to extend a wired microphone or set it on television. However, wired microphone will cause the inconvenience to user such as the need of raising the volume to receive sound clearly and the problem of echo back which is difficult to overcome. The SYNIC solution provides can settle these problem. It facilitates the manipulation of multi-demand in voice and music to consumer and offer better effects.

Syncomm Technology is a fab-less semiconductor company focusing on the solution for wireless digital audio and video streaming technology. It has been readily receiving recognition from audio and video leading factors worldwide and has plentiful long-term cooperation experience, which makes Syncomm become the conducting brand of digital audio and video streaming technology.

The technology Syncomm contains from high quality and noncompressed Hi-Fi technology to low power consumption and portable product, and it can be said that the product line of Syncomm is complete. The diversified SYNIC solution can deliver quality service for each product, and further brings in the profit for customers unexpectedly.

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