Wireless Controllers

With the ability of Smart TV and Mobile devices to stream movie, music and information search from internet, create tremendous opportunities for data transmission and control accessories, various types of smart remote controller is just a good example – QWERTY keyboard, Toulchpad, Air-Mouse, Gaming Controller ….etc, and some even built with voice input function to support oral searching. 

Active 3D glass, healthy care monitor devices are other examples that can expend your market in consumer electronics. By applying SYNCOMM patented data-link technology, the packet format, over the air, is variable by devices and not fixed as traditional methods to squeeze wide data into narrow Channel, also parameterize the error-handling algorithm, so different devices get best quality of service. And, most important, only required “Single Host” to connect those different receiver devices, this can reduce cost from host end.


‧Real-time Control   ‧Multiple-Links   ‧Low Power   ‧Low Cost


‧Touchpad, Qwerty Keyboard with Two-way Voice


Gaming Controller with Two-way Voice


Air-Mouse with Two-way Voice


Gaming Controller


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