Syncomm Technology Demonstrated ezWa Wireless Solution with Extremely Low Latency at 2013 Taipei Computex

Taipei, Computex, June 4, 2013- Syncomm Technology Corporation demonstrated their latest wireless solution ezWa which was awarded the 2012 AVF Innovation Awards held by China Video Industry Association.

Talking about smart TVs, we always expect its functions could be constantly extended. The more functions a TV has, the more wireless accessories it will be required. For example: smart remote controller, surfing equipments, 3D glass, and audio devices, all the wireless peripherals engage with different kinds of activities.

To accomplish different demands of those peripherals, we have to consider all aspects of performance factors at the same time, such as low power consumption, high audio quality and synchronization. Compared to today’s wireless technologies, ezWa can achieve low consumption without sacrificing audio quality, and its unique audio streaming technology let A/V delay time less than 20mS, make lip synchronization possible when wireless audio devices interact with display monitors. For this reason ezWa can apply to wide-spreading purposes including not only wireless audio devices but also wireless control devices, achieve the market demand.

This show was held from June 4th to 7th, ezWa was encouraging to receive favorable comments during the show. Please visit Syncomm’s website to learn more details about ezWa:

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